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​​Police are investigating cyber crimes, like child pornography, every day.  Our experience in these cases will protect your reputation.

L  A  W    O  F  F  I  C  E


2016 changes to Maryland traffic laws make this State, perhaps, the toughest in the nation on alcohol-related driving offenses.  An arrest for DUI/DWI can result, not only in jail time or significant supervision, but also separate administrative penalties imposed by the MVA.  We routinely take these matters to trial, where others simply plea bargain.  We will craft a resolution that protects, not only your criminal record, but more importantly your reputation.  


With access to the internet available by every electronic device imaginable, your personal information, and your right to privacy are constantly the subject of police scrutiny.  The government has discovered the means to spy on each of us, and so in response, our attorneys are experts in challenging their use of technology. Cases, such as sex offense crimes, can have long-lasting effects on your reputation.  Our background in these types of cases will provide you with the ammunition to fight back.


​​​If you are facing criminal charges in the State of Maryland, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to effectively defend your rights.  

The Law Firm of Rosenberg & Tomko, P.A. guarantees effective and aggressive representation.  Our attorneys are experienced in handling felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations including DUI/DWI, appeals, probation violations, and more.

We have an outstanding reputation and history for successfully defending criminal cases, as evidenced by our current case results; this consistent track record instills confidence and trust.

Our winning attorneys provide aggressive legal advocacy, with more than a half century of combined experience in all aspects of the judicial process.  As former assistant state's attorneys, we have access to information and resources to develop the best strategy in defending your cases.